About Inspirational Author & Speaker David Bond
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"We live by faith, not by sight."
2 Corinthians 5:7

About Inspirational Author & Speaker David Bond

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David began writing in the early 2000's. He has worked in several different fields over the years, but sight loss in 1988 prompted perhaps his greatest shift in careers.

His God given gift of creativity, which initially lead him to earn a degree in technical illustration, now provides him with the ability to create rich, heart-felt stories incorporating life experiences and Biblical principles into works of fiction. He has crafted unique stories and characters, and in some of his books, characters who must cope with blindness, diabetes, epilepsy, and even cancer, in a way readers can sympathize with.

The All Things Are Possible series embodies David's life-long familiarity with medical problems and physical difficulties. His first-hand knowledge of these things adds authenticity to his books. Besides providing good reading material for adults interested in romance and a bit of intrigue, he intends the stories in this series to educate readers. In the A Time For Everything series, readers will find the same romantic intrigue, but without the emphasis on physical maladies.

David lives in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where some of his stories are either set or connected to. His love of the outdoors and the mountains of central and northern Pennsylvania extend into his writing. One book takes readers to another favorite and completely different geographic location, the 'Jersey shore.' And of course, the Amish of Lancaster County receive attention from David in one of his stories, Sweet Music, which earned recognition as Inspirational Romance Book of the Year from a popular book review web site.

He is a graduate of Lancaster Bible College and loves to talk about theology. In his stories, characters are often not acquainted with Christianity, or have drifted away. David enjoys portraying his fictitious characters coping with physical or emotional struggles, ultimately recognizing their need to depend on others to survive, and most importantly, God.

But don't expect his books to "preach" to the reader. His stories will entertain and engage the reader, and stimulate thought, but not attempt to pound doctrinal truth into the reader's head.

David lives with his wife, and their son, near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Along with another very important family member, a beagle who loves peanut butter! He'd love to hear feed-back from readers. Use the contact form to send him your comments.

Perhaps The Most Challenging Health Crisis Yet?

A personal note from David

As if the list of health problems I have experienced, including blindness, type 1 diabetes, epilepsy, and chronic kidney disease, wasn't long enough, God has seen fit to continue the legacy with what is most certainly the most severe medical problem yet.

This latest and most severe, even life threatening condition warranted setting up a Caring Bridge page. You are welcome to visit my Caring Bridge page to learn more about the diagnosis I received in the fall of 2012.

Thank you for remembering me, and my family, in your thoughts and prayers as I wait to see what God has in store for us for this new adventure!