Welcome To The Web Site Of Christian Author and Speaker David Bond
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"We live by faith, not by sight."
2 Corinthians 5:7

Welcome To The Web Site Of Christian Author and Speaker David Bond

David's novels offer rich content based on down-to-earth experiences, with a fine balance of romance and intrigue to offer readers an entertaining, yet uplifting experience.

Readers enjoy the unexpected twists he includes in his stories, and are inspired as his characters wrestle with both external and internal issues, and become changed people.

Romance & Intrigue

If you like Christian romance with a little taste of intrigue, you'll enjoy David's books!

Guys? Romance? You bet! It works for Richard Paul Evans, David Baldacci, even Louis L'Amour! And it works for David, if the male reviewers are any measure!

David's stories are rich with familiar themes highlighting issues many families face these days. The story settings are mostly in rural central and eastern Pennsylvania, with jaunts to neighboring regions at times.

In the end, each character finds ways to move forward, often involving providential change. Don't look for much preaching, only true-to-life examples of how the God of the universe is active and involved in the lives of people.

A Unique Christian Author With A Unique Background

There is a unique history leading to David's writing career. He can share his story with writers' groups, book clubs, small groups, or a Sunday school class. Visit the Speaking Opps page to learn more and make contact with David.


Books by Series

All Things are Possible Series

The Attaché

The Attaché
The Attaché. Book 1 in the, All Things Are Possible series.

A woman survives 9/11 and seeks to find the man responsible for saving her life, only to find his brother, who is blind and discouraged.

Sweet Music

Sweet Music cover art
Sweet Music. Book 2 in the, All Things Are Possible series.

An unexpected medical diagnosis and a failed family business wouldn't normally be foundation blocks to begin a new relationship, but this time, they are.
Inspirational Romance Book of the Year!

Out Of The Desert

Out Of The Desert cover art
Out Of The Desert. Book 3 in the, All Things Are Possible series.

Searching for paradise and contentment, a strong-minded, independent man, a Muslim convert, clashes with a Christian woman who isn't afraid to go to battle.


A Time For Everything Series

A Time to Build

A time to build
A Time To Build. Book 1 in the, A Time For Everything series.

Building a relationship takes work, but will memories of an event thirteen years in the past stand as a barrier to a hopeful future?

A Time To Heal!

A Time To Heal
A Time To Heal. Book 2 in the, A Time For Everything series.

A quiet seaside setting, plus the wisdom of an older widow, is precisely what two people need to cope with their past and present troubles.