Out Of The Desert
Inspirational Fiction Author David Bond Wide angle shot of Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

"We live by faith, not by sight."
2 Corinthians 5:7

Out Of The Desert

Book 3 in the, All Things Are Possible, series.

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Out Of The Desert  cover

Joel Brenner, brother of Zach from The Attaché, after years of wandering, returns home to Rocky Glen, Pennsylvania. His plan is to capitalize on the local boom in natural gas production, and maybe even put down some roots.

Monique Duvall may be petite, but she is a mighty warrior. Joel quickly becomes the focus of her prayer battles, and there are many.

Joel suffers epileptic seizures. A problem he tries to ignore. A monumental snowstorm strands Joel and Monique together in a house where the deepening snow and howling winds mirror the developing personal conflicts.

Monique knows she should resist her physical attraction to Joel, first because he is not a Christian, but worse, he is a Muslim.

Joel struggles to find his way. Is Islam really the way to paradise? With the help of Monique’s faith, guidance from a kind older man, and a miraculous display of the power of the Christian God over a dangerous Islamic fanatic, Joel will find out.


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