Christianity, the Bible, etc.
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"We live by faith, not by sight."
2 Corinthians 5:7

Christianity, the Bible, etc.

What Is Salvation?

The Bible says believing in Jesus is the way to eternal life (John 3:16). This is the essence of salvation. Two verses later, it says about those who "reject" this revelation will be condemned. The following resource goes into more depth and will provide anyone who seeks truth with answers about salvation.

How Do I Know The Bible Is Real?

Can we trust the Bible? An excellent question and a question millions have asked through the centuries. If you're convinced you don't want to change what you think, don't bother reading the following resource. But, if you want to know the truth, and can put your skepticism aside, read How We Can Trust The Bible


Two Faith Systems

If you don't believe in modern transportation, for example, a typical car, it might be said you are a non-believer in a way. Many other people would disagree with your belief system. But what you believe is your belief system no matter who agrees with you.

Christianity, like Islam, or Catholicism, or Hinduism, are belief systems. using the car illustration, perhaps you don't believe in cars because you had a bad experience with one, or maybe you simply never experienced owning one or riding in one. You lack proper perspective which doesn't change anything about the car, only your outlook.

I involved myself in an online debate a number of years ago where we "argued" about creationism versus evolution. Each side made their points, but no one budged from their perspective, including me. I realized then, as I have come to realize more and more, the Christianity versus ________ (fill in the blank with another belief system) issue is not going to be solved through debate. As the Bible makes clear, a supernatural transformation must take place within a person for them to accept Christianity, and therefore become a Christian.

Ken Ham with Answers In Genesis suggests the differences in opinion are due to people wearing different eyeglasses. Check out what he has to say about What's The Best Proof OF Creation. We live on the same planet, observe the same evidence, use the same technology, but see different results. He says we all have presuppositions. The Muslim has a set of presumptions, as does the Christian. Understanding the past (what you believe happened in the very beginning) will always invoke argument, essentially because of people's differing points of view. If Christianity was only based on human presupposition and subsequent interpretative evidence based on those presumptions, change would not happen.

Thankfully, for those who seek truth and know in the core of their being there is more to what natural evidence suggests, or that their suppositions are based only on what they have grasped at the human level, like trying to imagine the experience of riding in a fast moving car through corners and up and down hills, without actually riding in one, there is a way to discover truth. Supernatural truth.

Investigate the previous links about salvation and the Bible with an open mind. Allow God's Holy Spirit to illuminate truth. The God of the Bible, unlike Allah or any other gods, calls out to us with a gentle hand, a patient, loving hand. If you want to pray for understanding, or wisdom, God will hear your prayer. It's what God wants us to do, more than anything. To reach for Him, and to trust.