Sweet Music
Inspirational Fiction Author David Bond Plants in Pennsylvania woods

"We live by faith, not by sight."
2 Corinthians 5:7

Sweet Music

Book 2 in the, All Things Are Possible, series.

Back Cover Blurb

sweet Music cover

Allison Albright has high hopes for the future. Engaged to a wealthy businessman, Anthony Carlini, happy with life, she is content. Then she is diagnosed with a serious health problem. And things aren't what they seem with her over zealous land developing fiance.

Keith Weaver (Jessie's brother from The Attaché) has sold the family's dairy herd and started a contracting business, hoping to survive. It's just him, and his paralyzed father living in the farm house, unsure of what the next day holds in store.

Unknown to Allison, even as she struggles with diabetes, there are other significant and unscrupulous events in the making which hold the potential to uproot her life, as well as Keith's. Will trechery rip their lives to shreds? Or can God intervene and rescue them, and maybe even open their eyes to the trusting love a man and a woman are meant to share?


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